1st Edition - December 2002

* Marcio Feitosa Seminar *

* Good Nutrition Improves Your Performance *
* 1st USA National Championships *
* The Kids on the Mat *
* Marcio Simas Joins Barra Gracie's Team *


Congratulations to the newest BLUE, PURPLE and BROWN belts who were promoted at the last belt testing on Saturday, November 30th.

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Marcio Feitosa Seminar

Marcio Feitosa is a 2nd degree black belt and head Instructor at the famous Barra Gracie, Rio. He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil in May 15, 1976 and received his black belt from Carlos Gracie Jr. in 1995. He has given seminars in Brasil, Australia Japan, England and USA. Marcio Feitosa has won more than 20 black belt Championships and is considered one of the best in the world today. He is a 3-time World Champion and a 3-time Runner Up. He has 4 Black Belt Pan-American Championship titles, 5 Black Belt Brazilian National Championship titles, a first and a third place at the Abu Dhabi Combat Club World Submission Wrestling Championships, a Canadian Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship first place and many more.

Marcio came to Orlando for a 2-day seminar at the Marcio Simas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. During the 2-day seminar, more than 50 participants attended the classes in which Marcio Feitosa showed Gi and No GI techniques. After the seminar he visited the Academia of Martial Arts in Sarasota and returned to Brasil on Tuesday, October 15. He is now getting ready for another Abu Dhabi and he will be back in USA in the beginning of 2003 for a series of seminars all over the country.

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Good Nutrition Improves Your Performance
What good nutrition and the right exercise can do for your performance

There are three main energy systems that fuel all human activity. Almost all changes that occur in the body due to exercise are related to the demands placed on these energy systems. Furthermore, the efficacy of any given fitness regimen may largely be tied to its ability to elicit an adequate stimulus for change within these three energy systems.

Energy is derived aerobically when oxygen is utilized to metabolize substrates derived from food and liberates energy. An activity is termed aerobic when the majority of energy needed is derived aerobically. These activities are usually greater than ninety seconds in duration and involve low to moderate power output or intensity. Examples of aerobic activity include running on the treadmill for twenty minutes, swimming a mile, and watching TV. Energy is derived anaerobically when energy is liberated from substrates in the absence of oxygen. Activities are considered anaerobic when the majority of the energy needed is derived anaerobically. These activities are of less than two minutes in duration and involve moderate to high power output or intensity. There are two such anaerobic systems, the phosphagen system and the lactic acid system. Examples of anaerobic activity include running a 100-meter sprint squatting, and doing pull-ups. Anaerobic activity also benefits cardiovascular function and decreases body fat Anaerobic activity is unique in its capacity to dramatically improve power, speed, strength, and muscle mass. Anaerobic conditioning allows us to exert tremendous forces over a very brief time. Perhaps the aspect of anaerobic conditioning that bears greatest consideration is that anaerobic conditioning will not adversely affect aerobic capacity! In fact, properly structured, anaerobic activity can be used to develop a very high level of aerobic fitness without the muscle wasting consistent with high volume aerobic exercise!

Diet - The dietary prescription is as follows:
Protein should be lean and varied and account for about 30% of your total caloric load. Carbohydrates should be predominantly low glycemic and account for about 40% of your total caloric load. Fat should be predominantly monounsaturated and account for about 30% of your total caloric load. Calories should be set at between .7 and 1.0 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass depending on your activity level. The .7 figure is for moderate daily workout loads and the 1.0 figure is for the hardcore athlete.

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1st USA National Championships of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The tournament took place on November 2nd and 3rd in Hawthorne Memorial Center - 3901 W. El Segundo Blvd, Hawthorne, CA. The champions of the blue, purple, brown and black belt adult divisions (male only) will join the first American Jiu-Jitsu Team to compete in the USA X Brazil Jiu-Jitsu Teams Challenge that will take place in the USA next year. Male adult division (Blue, Purple, Brown and Black belts) only American citizens were allowed. On the other divisions, the tournament was open for athletes of any nationality. The international Federation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu planed and organized this event.

"Was more than a hit. The IBJJF is to be congratulated along with all the participating competitors, referees and collaborators. This was a first rate event in organization and skill. Anyone that was doubting the ability of these athletes to face Brazil's best should have come to this event and be amazed, the level of North American JJ is at par with anyone's right now! All the divisions showcased great action in front of a host of Black Belts such as Rickson Gracie, Carlson Gracie, Jean Jacques, Rigan and Johny Machado, Fernando Margarida, Marcio Simas, Tinguinha, Gersinho, Franco de Camargo, Rodrigo Medeiros, Megaton Dias, Gustavo Machado, Caique Elias, Renato Magno, Cleber Luciano, Mario Aiello, Fabio Santos, Luis Palhares, Aloysio Silva, Micah, Francisco Neto, Leka Vieira and a few others that will certainly call me to complain about missing their names.

Grandmaster Carlson Gracie brought a team of 'animals' from Chicago and they took many of the divisions they competed in. Carlson's team won the masters division with 4 firsts and 3 seconds. Carlson warns everyone: 'I am training some of these guys for NHB as well. I am preparing them to get the others!'

The best division however had to be the Brown Belt division, with noteworthy names such as Ryron and Rener Gracie, Rafael Lovato Jr, Mike Rose, Ryan Greg and others all fighting for the honor to represent the US. In the heavyweight Division Rener Gracie took top honors by submitting his two opponents including a tough Arthur Ruff via chokes. Ryron Gracie submitted his first opponent and then faced Caique's Mike Rose in the finals of the Super Heavy. Rose used his craftiness and a tight game to beat Ryron by a score of 6 x 2 with 2 guard passes. The Gracie duo returned to the absolute Division and submitted all their opponents on the way to closing the bracket with Ryron Ist and Rener 2nd. Although these two are still getting used to competing outside their rules, the fact of the matter is that when the game gets down to the meat and potatoes and it always does, the duo is pretty tough. A word of advice for any future opponents: 'Don't let these two mount on you!'

The Black Belts saw a battle between Amal Easton and Jeff Higgs. Higgs opened up the match by quickly triangling Easton. Easton maintained his poised, escaped the sub attempt and proceeded to methodically work on Jeff's guard. Amal passed Higgs guard twice and mounted and attacked Higgs neck. Amal secured his title winning the fight by points. Full results will be at the CBJJ website.

(Article by Kid Peligro)

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The Kids on the Mat

Kids show their talent with lots of fun

The Marcio Simas Academy offers weekly children's classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu led by Instructor Nelson Bracero, a recognized practitioner of this school of the martial arts. Nelson is a 2 time Pan-American champion and former police officer. Students learn with discipline and fun as they build self-confidence and respect for each other. Nelson believes that anyone can learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the most efficient form of martial art.

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Marcio Simas Joins Barra Gracie's Team

As a Gracie Barra Academy black belt, Marcio Simas has been working together with Carlos Gracie Jr. organizing tournaments and other events. Today a great partnership between Carlos Gracie Jr. and Marcio Simas is about to happen. Marcio Simas Academy will represent Gracie Barra in Orlando. Out of this partnership a new association will be born. Athletes from all affiliations of Gracie Barra in USA will participate on this new association. The association championships will develop teams from all the states to compete on the World Gracie Barra Championships that will take place once a year in the United States. A ranking system will be created and athletes from all over the country will earn points from official championship competitions around the world. By the end of each year the number one athlete in each category will receive an award and a belt from the association.

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